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Hi I’m Jim

     I’m a guy who tries to take God seriously, but myself not so much.  I believe ministry should be fun and that we, as followers of Christ, have the chance every day to lead people to Jesus.  In fact, I believe it so strongly I’ve based my whole life on it.  If you’re reading this you probably have made that same decision – way to go! 

     My wife, who’s awesome by the way, and I have two kids – Josh and Alyssa.  Since the time they were toddling around we have tried to include them in ministry wherever possible so that they too could enjoy the privilege of leading others to know and love Jesus.  

     My son’s friends call me the cowboy pastor, because of my passions for both God and horses.  On a day off I love to find a country road and explore new territory with my beautiful Arabian horse, Seri. 

     Sharing God’s love through the written and spoken word is a joy and a privilege.  I love weaving heavy truths with light-hearted humor in the hopes that it would speak to someone’s heart and bring them closer to God.  

     For almost 18 years I have served as the Lead Pastor for Harvest Church in Middle Georgia.  You can learn more of our story at  In short, and perhaps most importantly, at Harvest we have seen almost 4,000 people receive Jesus as Savior.  I’d love to get to know you and hear story too!  

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