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Hi,  I’m Jen. 

     I am a lover of many things.  Most importantly, Jesus!  Growing up in church I knew the stories of God, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I developed a personal relationship with Christ.  That day changed my life.  Since then I have tenaciously followed Jesus (some days, closer than others), but always with the goal of one day seeing Him in heaven and being able to run straight to Him and seeing a grin on His face. 

    I also am passionately in love with a guy named Jim.  We met my first day of college, and disliked each other right away.  (It’s a great story that I’d love to tell you one day.)  About a year later though, we shared a lunch table and my heart has never been the same.  He’s absolutely awesome!  

     Then there are the kids - Alyssa and Josh.  People tell you that being a mom will change your life but you really don’t understand that until they hand you that baby for the first time.  What a joy they are!  Most recently, our family has expanded as Alyssa married a great guy – our newest family member – Drew. 

     One of my other loves is God’s Word.  Reading, hearing, studying and sharing the Bible have been passions for me since I was a teenager.  Digging into our instruction manual from God, bringing His Word to life, is one of the greatest joys of my life. Through speaking and writing my hope is to help connect the dots from scripture to life application – to help people (me included) live their very best life in Christ. 

     In addition to writing and speaking, I serve as the Executive Pastor at Harvest Church, a Global Methodist Congregation.  I love the church, this one in particular.  The privilege of partnering with people and doing life together is a blessing.  

For fun – well, all of the above is fun most of the time - but in addition I love to travel.  The bigger the adventure the better!         I also love animals.  We have two dogs, Sam and Luna and one beautiful horse, Serenity.  Other loves?  Ice cream comes to mind – but maybe now I’m sharing more than you want to know.  

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